[LMB] OT: tornadoes and hurricanes, was Bridge collapse

Tzivia Adler tadler at yeshivanet.com
Fri Aug 10 04:13:49 BST 2007

> In any case, it is unwise not to fix bridges and roads well before they
> might fail, in case something else unexpected occurs. (I mean -- would
> *you* expect a tornado in Brooklyn?)
> Alayne

we don't get tornadoes often.  we had a hurricane about twenty years ago, 
though.  it was fall, and the Festival of Booths was aobut to start.  and 
someone down the block decided to 'beat the rush' and build a booth early. 
then the hurricane came, picked it up from their driveway, and plunked it 
down in our front yard.  very memorable!  although i don't remember hte 

can someone tell me in very non-technical terms* the difference between 
hurricane wind spinning round and round its eye, and a tornado spinning 
round and round, with a down-spout?  that can't be the only difference.

weirded out by a tornado breaking up the heat-wave.
and its still too hot and too humid.

* words of one sylable preferred :)  bec high school physics was a long time 

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