[LMB] OT: Bridge collapse

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Fri Aug 10 04:14:13 BST 2007

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>> PAT MATHEWS wrote:
>>> >From an article in Reason Magazine.
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> Happens everywhere.  Here in western Washington state we've been 
> blackmailed
> into a new football stadium and a new baseball stadium (replacing a dome
> that hadn't even been paid for yet), and the new owner of the basketball
> team is currently in the middle of trying to work the same strategy.  With
> somewhat less success so far, which is a pleasant surprise even if it 
> won't
> last.
> Megaera
> who is only noting this because Minneapolis isn't any more fiscally
> irresponsible than any other major US city

Eastern Massachusetts seems unique then in that the 
whatever-it-is-called-this-week [TD North Boston Garden, it's had LOTS of 
names in its few years of existence....] where the Boston Bruins and Boston 
Celtics play, Fenway Park where the Red Sox play, and whatever the name of 
it is Stadium (again, several different names over time..) where the New 
England Patriots play, are all privately owned facilities.. 

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