[LMB] OT: tornadoes and hurricanes, was Bridge collapse

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> > In any case, it is unwise not to fix bridges and roads well before they
> > might fail, in case something else unexpected occurs. (I mean -- would
> > *you* expect a tornado in Brooklyn?)
> >
> > Alayne
> >
> we don't get tornadoes often.  we had a hurricane about twenty years ago, 
> though.  it was fall, and the Festival of Booths was aobut to start.  and 
> someone down the block decided to 'beat the rush' and build a booth early. 
> then the hurricane came, picked it up from their driveway, and plunked it 
> down in our front yard.  very memorable!  although i don't remember hte 
> year.
> can someone tell me in very non-technical terms* the difference between 
> hurricane wind spinning round and round its eye, and a tornado spinning 
> round and round, with a down-spout?  that can't be the only difference.
> ziviya
> weirded out by a tornado breaking up the heat-wave.
> and its still too hot and too humid.
> * words of one sylable preferred :)  bec high school physics was a long time 
> ago 
Size, Ziviya. Hurricanes are the giant tropical storms that form in the central 
Atlantic, swing west towards the Caribbean and then generally swing north. (The 
Pacific equivalent, with which Little Alex will be familiar, are typhoons.) The 
eye will usually be miles across, with winds in excess of 60 miles an hour 
blowing around the eye. Tornados are small, violent whirlwinds spawned by 
thunderstorms or similar conditions, with a core generally only feet across, 
but winds up to 150 miles an hour.

Ross, at work

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