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Fri Aug 10 17:12:15 BST 2007

Alexandra Kwan <litalex at gmail.com> wrote:
On 8 Aug 2007, at 4:07 PM, Katrina Allis wrote:
> *I'm nearly 25.  Nonetheless, I feel too young for children

I'm 28 and I still feel too young to get married, let alone children...

  At my 10th reunion, I got asked if I had kids, and said "Oh, I'm too young for kids..." and the person I was talking to said "Oh. I have a 10 year old." Me: ... (both because that meant that she was preggers during the graduation ceremony AND because I just couldn't believe people jumped into kids THAT soon.)
  And, dragging this semi-on topic... I was pondering the ways various populated worlds (I was thinking: Earth, Barrayar, Beta) and "verses" (in examples) consider birth ages and birth control. Namely, what does that say about how "advanced" they are. Is it a sign of advancement that the population is less concerned with timely procreation? Or maybe not?  
  Most writers tend to write about their characters in such a way that the character either doesn't worry about getting pregnant, or has a sure-fire way to get around it. 
  As examples:
  "Don't worry about it": Wheel of time (Robert Jordan). Granted, nookie isn't a big part of the books, but it IS in there. From what I remember, most of it was "Oh, I can just work some magic so it doesn't happen."
  "Sure-fire way around it": Song of Fire and Ice (George R. R. Martin). I was reading Feast for Crows this week, and that is what clicked with this thread. He wrote about "Moon Tea" so many times my eyes crossed. I kept expecting an ad, saying "Failsafe, always available, and used by all main characters of quality and class."
  The Vorkosiverse talks about Beta having reversible sterilization. Barrayar, if I remember correctly, has birth control of some medicinal sort. Earth wasn't mentioned a lot in that context... Still...
  Sorry for the length. 
  Heather (aka: The Sundance Kid)

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