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On 11/08/07, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
> So...
>     A poster on Baen's Bar, where a really interesting and substantive
> discussion of TSK is presently going on, remarked that in his (English)
> head, he "heard" Dag and Fawn speaking with, of all things, East Anglian
> accents.  (I'm not sure I even know what and East Anglian accent is.)
> Which leads to the question: how do the rest of you "hear" these and
> other characters speaking?  Did my reading in the recent radio interview
> surprise you, and if so, in what way?
> Curious, L.
> T

Take a look at this site if you want to know about British accents:

East Anglia is the semi-circle that sticks out on the eastern side of
the country, just hover over it for the name (Cambridge, Norwich,

Unless an author goes to considerable lengths to have a character
actually speak in an accent, mostly be writing their speech
phonetically, I tend to hear the accents I am most familiar with and I
grew up with. I hear British... and more specifically, since it's what
I tend to speak myself*, it tends to be Received Pronunciation
(Queen's, or BBC English).

I cannot listen to audio books spoken by Americans if I have already
read the books, the stronger the accent the more jarring it is for me.
The characters suddenly become strangers to me. Mind you, the same is
true to some extent for British voices as well; for example I first
heard the Harry Potter books read by Jim Dale, when I later heard the
Steven Fry versions of the books I couldn't stand them. I have no
problems with Steven Fry, I just grew accustomed to how Jim Dale spoke
the characters that Steven's version was just totally wrong in my

As an interesting (maybe) aside... for many series I watched growing
up, many of them American (Everything from Knight Rider and
Murder-she-wrote to Star Trek and Babylon 5 and some other "classics"
:P ) I tended to watch the German translated versions at least when I
was still living in Germany. When I later watch the original language
version it's amazing at how easily I can accept the other language.
I've been told that the translation teams put a lot of effort into
making the German voice as much in-character with the original as
possible, seems like it might be true.


[*] I grew up learning English not in England but abroad in
International Schools. For a while I had an American accent and the
ridicule and teasing and to some extent bullying I received because of
that once I moved to the UK basically shaped my accent into something
very "correct".

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