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> Maybe its just me but I gave a horrible habit of hearing the authors 
> accent if I've met them.

That happens to me only very rarely--I could VERY clearly e.g. hear Janet 
Kagan saying, "those suckers -bit-!"  reading the first of her Mirabile 
stories.   That's rare however, I usually don't hear the authors' voices as 
character voices, even when I've attended the authors doing readings and 
have heard the authors speaking the characters' lines.

There have been a few cases where I have had to give up on watching a video 
of something because the accents given to the characters were so unappealing 
to me (that is, there was some anime series that there were exaggerated 
Southern female accents in, and there was no subtitling available and no 
shutting off the audio which was English-only, and the banality of the 
dialogue and the rasping on me of the accents, caused me to be unable to 
continue watching).

> On the whole though this series seems to have a very Mid Atlantic accent 
> to me.

I generally don't tend to "hear" much in the way of accents when reading 
books.  When an author makes a point and repeats it regularly about the 
audio quality of a character's voice -- e.g., someone with a very low voice, 
or "Brassy Alto"  or the characters' words have a whiny quality to the words 
themselves, I heard those things usually... or if a character's described as 
Hispanic and is using Hispanic words and terms I'll hear a Hispanic accent 
in my heard or a character is British and I think consciously about it I 
might assign a British accent, etc.  But I usually don't hear regionalized 
accents unless the character's described as being from a particular region 
and the author has reinforced it with detail again and again.

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