[LMB] Accents in TSK

Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 12 12:11:38 BST 2007

Paula Lieberman wrote:
> I generally don't tend to "hear" much in the way of accents when reading 
> books.  When an author makes a point and repeats it regularly about the 
> audio quality of a character's voice -- e.g., someone with a very low voice, 
> or "Brassy Alto"  or the characters' words have a whiny quality to the words 
> themselves, I heard those things usually... or if a character's described as 
> Hispanic and is using Hispanic words and terms I'll hear a Hispanic accent 
> in my heard or a character is British and I think consciously about it I 
> might assign a British accent, etc.  But I usually don't hear regionalized 
> accents unless the character's described as being from a particular region 
> and the author has reinforced it with detail again and again.
I think of mile's accent as Londo of B5s nice upper range baritone with 
a slight russianish accent, speaking a bit slower than his middle 
american medium tenor fast speaking pattern. For some odd reason Kate 
Hepburn is the voice of Cordelia, and Aral sounds like a raspy version 
of miles [and also a russian born italian teacher I had.] Oddly enough I 
dont get in head voices for the others. I am sure that I got Cordelia 
and Aral becaue Shards was the first thing I read of Lois', and the 
first thing for Miles was Mountains of Mourning. The rest of the 
characters aren't as real to me as those 3 are, though it would be 
interesting to get a book based on Ivan and the others. I could almost 
see another comedy of manners involving Ivan, By, Dono and the other 
younger generation of the aristocracy.

I can see Ivan deciding to marry a komarran originally because he cant 
find a barrayaran, and for her money but deciding that he really does 
love her. I would also like to see more Cetas.

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