[LMB] OT: It's a sign...

BOB!! robtjwms at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 12 13:23:34 BST 2007

Richard A. Macdonald said:

RAM> Got there Oct 8, 1981, didn't see Mt Ranier until the 31st.

Meg Justus said:

MJ> You were expecting to???  

My cousin tells the story of his move to Seattle (Kent actually, for
those who are close enough to know the difference and care) thusly:

I moved in to my apartment in late February.  Then one morning in
early April, I walked into my bathroom and found that sometime during
the night, someone had put a mountain outside the window.

Of course, during my first visit in mid-July, they were having a run
of bright sunny weather that didn't match the stereotypical
description of Seattle weather at all.  I was there for a week and a
half and it was sunny the whole time.



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