[LMB] sexual orientation in the Bujold oeuvre

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Me too.

Who, me? My very occasional try, not very successful, try at catching up on the list.

m a m

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  >James wrote: 
  >When this subject comes up, I'm almost obligated to point out the
>origin of my usual internet nick-/user-name. 
       Heh -- yeah, I'd recognized it, and gotten a laugh because I've used "Skadhwe" as a username once or twice (name of another sword in the series, for the peanut gallery).
  >Like Tora says of Lois' oeuvre at the start
>of this thread, in this series ( and indeed nearly all of Duane's work
>), the sexual orientation of the characters is treated with a casual,
>matter-of-fact attitude. Straight? Gay? Bi? No big deal.
       I get the strong impression that Tom and Carl, of the Young Wizards series, are a couple as well as being partners-in-wizardry; however, it's not treated as anything that has any relevance to the actual stories.  Duane simply does not address the matter of why two handsome mid-to-late-thirties guys are living together in the same house, which I think is great (after all, *does* it really matter?), and which avoids any sort of controversy in a "young adult" series.
                   -- Ruth

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