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On 8/10/07, The Sundance Kid <bobug at yahoo.com> wrote:
>   And, dragging this semi-on topic... I was pondering the ways various
> populated worlds (I was thinking: Earth, Barrayar, Beta) and "verses" (in
> examples) consider birth ages and birth control. Namely, what does that say
> about how "advanced" they are. Is it a sign of advancement that the
> population is less concerned with timely procreation? Or maybe not?
>   The Vorkosiverse talks about Beta having reversible sterilization.
> Barrayar, if I remember correctly, has birth control of some medicinal sort.
> Earth wasn't mentioned a lot in that context... Still...
My recollection is that Barrayar, pre-Shards, doesn't really have
contraception except for That Which Shall Not Be Named, beyond the
traditional herbs and perhaps, um, c*ndoms for disease control.

Beta has their implants, which are clearly considered within the norm on
Barrayar by the time Tien and Ekaterin have Nikki and know of Tien's genetic
problem.  I suspect that as the use of uterine replicators spreads, there
will be more demand for reliable contraception, because the concept of
"having a baby on a schedule" gets introduced.

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