[LMB] virus or exploit

Stellan Lagerstrom stellanl at concinnity.se
Mon Aug 13 21:20:05 BST 2007

Mark Allums wrote:
> Spammers no longer need to "harvest" addresses from anywhere.    All 
> they have to do is send mail randomly.  Some of it will hit and stick, 
> and then everybody has the address, because they share.  Also, a lot of 
> mail providers and ISPs are not clean.  They sell addresses, whether in 
> violation of privacy rules or not.  Also, unscrupulous employees of mail 
> providers and ISPs acquire addresses to sell.  There's nothing we can do 
> to prevent it.  Short of actually shooting people.
We CAN start putting electronic signatures on our messages.
As soon as most people are doing this, we can stop accepting anything else.

It amazes me that banks, with their history of being targeted for 
phishing, did not start signing theirs years ago.
Somebody there should know how to do it...


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