[LMB] OT: AKICOTL Cats and Kittens

The Sundance Kid bobug at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 20:39:22 BST 2007

queenortart <queenortart at gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks everyone

I shall pick up some Feliway, must admit I'd not thought of that.

I bribed Bea and Bear (the older ones) with lots of chicken last night, but they are both still sulking.

I think we'll risk letting them out tonight and see what happens -keep your fingers crossed would you!
I tend to do something similar to what's been mentioned... I first put the kitten in the bathroom (which has the largest door gap) and let the kitten hang out in there, smelling things. This gives the bigger ones a chance to smell it, also. Then, I get the adults mellow, though with catnip and wet cat food (works because neither of my cats get homicidal on catnip). Once the big cats feeling are good and purring, I let the kitten in, then go back to paying attention to the big cats, and ignoring the kitten. If they fight, I break it up, but let them work out their pecking order.

  Critters need to work out their hierarchy. Once that happens (usually a few days in), they calm down and move on. At night, I'd put the kitten back in the bathroom, mostly to prevent noisy breakings.
  The Sundance Kid (Maxin' the Cincinnati this week)

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