[LMB] It's a sign (with even an ON-topic-ish reference)

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 I found this when I was searching for the M*A*S*H episode...I hope it helps.? 




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sylvus tarn wrote:
 > Oh, come on.  Barrayar, pre-shards is still significantly beyond our
 > technology.  And sexist as it was, I can't believe they didn't have
 > *some* sort of hormonal b/c, if not as sophisticated as the Betan kind
 > (which always struck me as a sort of reversible tubal anyway, that is,
 > more like a valve than a drug.)  Some analog of Jane had to be cooking
 > stuff up in their basement, using the equiv of inkjet printers to make
 > lil' pills.
I don't know about that.  In Barrayar, I remember Drou not having access
to Cordelia's Betan pregnancy test circles.  If Barrayaran women don't
have access to Clear Blue Easy, I don't think they have access to
hormonal b/c.


Does anyone know when Clear Blue Easy or the equivalent first hit the 
market?  Because I don't think it had been invented yet at the time I 
wrote _Shards_, although it may have been around by the time _Barrayar_ 
came out...

Note that "existence" does not equal "access", even in the here and 
now.  New technologies of all sorts spread very unevenly, by class and 

Curious, L.

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