[LMB] Greetings from a List Newbie!

Giselle O. grfid2005 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 05:53:27 BST 2007

Hello Everyone,

I thought it would be a polite thing to drop out of lurk, and write a little
note of hello to this rather happening list.  My first day on, and already a
message from the Master herself that Vol. 3 of that maddeningly
time-devouring parent *The Sharing Knife* is now out.  Well, I'm slow on the
go and now catching up with all that Ms. Bujold has been busy scribbling
ever since I drank up and polished off *Paladin* followed in rapid
succession by its kin.

Embarassingly enough, it owed to an airport accident almost 2 months ago.  I
had been looking to trade in my lunch expense for a more non-edible diet at
the corner Border's Express.  In the B's under science fiction, alas, no
Darkover novels by Bradley; but I don't really know why I was looking in the
B's at all, because it had been over 20 years since I read any of that.
Well, I passed on Brin, skipped over Bunch, and how about this spine cover?
I'm a sucker for a cover if there ever was one.  Certainly if so, my utter
thanks that it was *Paladin* for my eyes to alight upon and not something
Vorkosigan, because for sure I would have then continued to stumble along in
the dark for help me another 20 years!

*To Ms. Bujold, thank you so very much for writing mercifully contained
dialogue well-turned with wit-trimmed with intelligence.  This is about as
good as it gets, and better than an MP4.  Somehow you paint just enough
movement through the character's eyes to fill in what needs no more--An
exquisite filigree of literary motion.  And now when I'm done with Legacy,
I'll start on the Vorkosigan saga, because I'm absolutely convinced that you
can do no character wrong!*

Warm regards,
The Lazer Canary
Silver Spring, MD

P.S.  Fawn's character is so spot ON, "...go jump in a lake..."!

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