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Lois Rasmussen hoffman2 at globaldial.com
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This Lois is ready now for the Famous Lois' next Book!
I promise to buy it in hardback!
I love the teaser blurb....may your writing muse flow abundantly so this
Lois can fill another of her library's shelves with your books (filled one
Best wishes Lois Rasmussen.

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> So...
> I thought you all might like a peek at the catalog copy I mentioned the
> other day. This has to fit in about a four inch square on _Passage_'s
> page in the booklet that HarperCollins (or William Morrow, proximately)
> prints up to present their offerings to booksellers, wholesalers, etc.
> -- their immediate customers, in other words. These are the folks that
> select what books, and how many of them, will appear in due course on
> your bookstore shelves, and the lead time is about what you see -- all
> the books that will be out next summer have to be fit into the catalog,
> which will go out mid-winter, right now. So books not-infrequently go
> into the catalog before cover art is complete, or other compromises. One
> *really* wants the title nailed down at this point, however. Also on the
> page will go author info and maybe a photo, marketing plans (such as
> book tours or where ads for the book are planned to appear), isbns,
> blurbs, and cross-references to related books, if any.
> I'm still getting used to the book's new and final title. In my head
> it's still _The Wide Green World, Vol. 1_. But _Passage_ will slot in
> from use pretty quickly, I expect, as _Beguilement_ and _Legacy_ did.
> So the ad copy will go:
> "Fawn, a young farmer girl, and Dag, a seasoned Lakewalker
> soldier-sorcerer, survived magical dangers and found love and loyalty.
> But their strength and passion cannot overcome the bigotry of their own
> kin. Leaving all they have known behind, they set off to find fresh
> solutions to the perilous split between their peoples.
> But they will not journey alone. Along the way they inadvertently
> acquire comrades: Fawn?s irrepressible brother; a pair of novice
> Lakewalker patrollers; a farmer boy Dag accidentally magically beguiles;
> and a young riverboat captain searching for her father and fianc? who
> mysteriously vanished on the river nearly a year ago.
> As the motley band travels downstream on a flatboat to the sea, Fawn and
> Dag encounter a new world of hazards both human and uncanny... and a new
> understanding of the bonds between themselves and their kinfolk."
> Ta, L.

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