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>  > > what signpost ever  showed you that you were older/younger than  you
> > >  thought?
Mary wrote:
> In my case, it was  discovering that one of my 7th grade students was the
> daughter of a  girl I had been in high school with.  Granted, she was in her
>  final year and I was just starting high school, but still.  And I was  
only  22
> when this happened.  It didn't seem fair, somehow.  <g>

>So am I doing the math right, that this other woman you'd  been in high
school with had a daughter at 14, and completed high school  anyway>

Not exactly.  In my home town, the 8th grade was in the high  school.  I was 
an eleven-yo 8th grader when she was a senior.  I  knew she had married (and 
presumably started the daughter) during her  senior year, but having her oldest 
child in my class was still odd.  I  believe she was around 30 at the time, 
and the daughter was 12.

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