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Re the expensiveness of the book.  I bought Freer and Flint's Pyramid Power 
the same day I bought TSK:Legacy.  TSK:Legacy has about 370 pages and cost 
$25.95.  Pyramid Power has about 350 pages and cost $24.00.  To me this is 
not a sufficiently big enough difference to describe TSK:Legacy as an 
expensive book.  As far as I am concerned, all hardbacks are relatively 
expensive.  Some I buy and some I have to wait until the library has them. 
The books definitely have a slower pace than my usual reading matter, but I 
am enjoying them.  I am much more eager now after Legacy to get the third 

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> At 12:54 AM 7/11/2007, Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
>>>It isn't obvious from the Eos marketing, but this was written as a
>>>single novel, and blame the publisher for breaking it up into two novels.
>>***  I really can't let Eos stand alone for taking the blame, here.
>>Your Author got more money out of the deal as well; I could have
>>insisted on selling the book as a single volume -- for a considerably
>>lower advance.  That period where I was trying to run a household of 4
>>on a budget of $125 a week still lives in my memory, I'm afraid.
> I hope those days are gone forever, Lois.

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