[LMB] Link o' the night: Which book are you?

Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan tora.smulders at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 13:48:44 BST 2007

On 8/23/07, Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
> * "Which Book are You?" quiz: *
> *It's at http://bluepyramid.org/ia/bquiz.htm
> *
> Ta, L.

Before I start -- what were you Lois?  A bit unfair to send us all
there without letting us know!  ;-p

Apparently I'm Jurassic Park.  I don't mind that answer too much.  The
description does hit the mad scientist aspect correctly, but I don't
know about the humble researcher and money hungry bits.  I wouldn't
mind the building something monumental, but I'd rather not be chased
around by anything, thanks!

Loved the book and movie as long as I didn't think too much about how
scientists and science get demonized in the media.  Well, at least
they were pretty cute scientists for a change and not the
stereotypical absent-minded nerds.  ;-p

You're Jurassic Park!
by Michael Crichton
You combine all the elements of a mad scientist, a brash philosopher,
a humble researcher, and a money-hungry attracter of tourists. With
all these features,
you could build something monumental or get chased around by your own
demons. Probably
both, in fact. A movie based on your life would make millions, and
spawn at least two
sequels thatwouldn't be very good. Be very careful around islands.

-Tora, a mad scientist and nerd and proud to be both, but don't think
I look like one of those stereotypical ones they show on TV or movies!
 (and I'm not absent-minded either -- though, I'm not a professor yet,
so perhaps that explains it!)

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