[LMB] _Rivers and Tides_ & _Arcadia_

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Fri Aug 24 05:42:46 BST 2007


    The DVD du jour was a documentary on Scottish and international 
artist in ephemeral media Andy Goldsworthy, which I approached with some 
doubt, but it quickly won me over, about the time he turned ice, rock, a 
river, a shoreline, and a winter sunrise into something that took my 
breath away.

    And it wants to juxtapose most peculiarly with Tom Stoppard's 
brilliant and heartbreaking play _Arcadia_, which we read in 
play-reading group earlier this week.  I suppose because both are about 
time, truth, and the underlying structure of things; watching 
Goldsworthy transmute rock into water and fog, towards the end of the 
documentary, and feeling one's definitions of "ephemeral" and 
"permanent" liquefy and flow along with it, put me much in mind of the 
way Stoppard plays with one's head about time and truth and the 
underlying structure of things in his play, as well.

    Both highly recommended, if you get a chance.  _Rivers and Tides_ 
may be obtained from Netflix and the usual DVD outlets; I don't know if 
there's been a recorded production of _Arcadia_, tho' I'd love to see it 
if there is.

    Ta, L.

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