[LMB] OT: ISO Calibrated Book Recommendations

Lois Aleta Fundis lfundis at weir.net
Sun Aug 26 06:22:17 BST 2007

Kathleen Morrison wrote:
> Well _Old Man's War_ was done as a deliberate homage to Heinlein's _Starship
> Troopers_ and he took off on that note.  It was enjoyable.  There's _The
> Ghost Brigades_ in the series as well as a third coming up...Sorry, don't
> have access to the title right now.
_The Last Colony_ came out in July, just before the last Harry Potter book.

_The Last Colony_ is the only one of the series I've read, for that 
matter. But I really enjoyed it. It did well as a stand-alone, too, but 
I am considering going back and reading the first two books now!  I 
think many people on this list will be interested in the story of a 
small, isolated colony's travails (I found myself thinking of Yeltar a 
few times, not to mention Sergyar).

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