[LMB] OT: ISO Calibrated Book Recommendations

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sun Aug 26 19:08:01 BST 2007

> Have you ever had someone tell you 'You'll LOVE this book!' - and then
> discovered you hated it?  And, after you got around to comparing likes
> & dislikes with the person, discovered that your tastes were
> diametrically opposed?
> Do you know someone who's tastes in books _are just like yours_ -
> ANYTHING they like, you'll like, anything they hate, you'll hate?
> In this regard, 'calibrated' signifies that I'm trying to get a
> recommendation from someone (or some group) that I know the tastes of,
> and how those tastes correspond to mine.

Ah.  Then I won't be much help to you.  Except for Bujold (of course), my 
tastes don't seem to run the same way as most of the rest of this group.  I 
don't like the Liaden universe, and Heyer bores me to death, and I don't 
read much other SF besides Bujold.

who keeps an eye on two particular movie critics for calibration purposes as 
you define it 

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