[LMB] OT: ISO Calibrated Book Recommendations

alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca
Sun Aug 26 20:00:25 BST 2007

If I want to calibrate book tastes, I ask people what authors they like -- 
not just one or two and not just from one genre. You can get a good 
idea of what to recommend from that.

And, even if you have many similar tastes, there will be places where you 
don't agree. Elizabeth Holden and I both love many common authors, but 
there are some books & movies she's loved that do nothing for me, and vice 
versa. I think a lot of it depends on squicks which throw you right out of 
story, and what points give you the warm fuzzies because they remind you 
of many similar wonderful reads. And, of course, what genres in general 
you love, and what styles you have become accustomed to (pace Lois, I 
cannot STAND Henry James' run-on paragraphs).

On Sun, 26 Aug 2007, Meg Justus wrote:
> Ah.  Then I won't be much help to you.  Except for Bujold (of course), my 
> tastes don't seem to run the same way as most of the rest of this group.  I 
> don't like the Liaden universe, and Heyer bores me to death, 

Darn! Like my mother, who loved most historical fiction, but found Heyer 
too arch. My father, OTOH, had a whole selection of Heyer books...

> and I don't read much other SF besides Bujold.

So what else do you read, Meg? 

Alayne McGregor
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