[LMB] AKICOTL: Bujold Fandom

Tzivia Adler tadler at yeshivanet.com
Sun Aug 26 20:51:28 BST 2007

> Marna:
>> Baen's Bar, Lord V, and the LJ comm I know about, though I don't know
>> where to find the Lord V list.
> LordV is on Yahoogroups.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LordV/
> Megaera
speaking of fandoms, groups, and so on -
is there a way to look through a community dedicated to fics - like lj's 
bujold_fic, to pick an example completely at random :) - and look for a 
particular author or title?

ie, if i know i like a certain autor's stuff or if there is a WIP[1]  in 
multiple posts[2], do i have to scroll and scroll and scroll.... until i 
find it?  there must be an easier way.

ziviya, moderately clueless, but getting better

[1] that's work in progress, yes?
[2]  alhtough some ficcers are kind enough to post links to previous 
segments of hte story, either as chapter 1, chapter 2 or as cute little 
rhymes ... 

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