[LMB] OT: AKICOTL: UbUntu advice

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Tue Aug 28 06:59:11 BST 2007

Mark Allums wrote:
  GNU stands for, "GNU's Not Unix", a sort of
> self-referential acronym.  

Replying to myself:

Technically, a "recursive" acronym.  And a gnu was chosen for the mascot 
because it's a three-letter word that ends in "NU", which, as I 
mentioned, is "Not Unix".

The plural of UNIX seems to be "Unices".  Unix is often put in all caps 
for no good reason; it's a false acronym.  The name Unix derives from 
MULTICS, an early attempt at a universal OS.  Unix does not refer to 
eunuchs, but in a way it actually does (that would require a whole 
'nother conversation to explain).  Many people, particularly Linux 
users, spell it Un*x, much the same way we spell L*ck*y or W*b*r.

--Mark Allums

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