[LMB] "The Warrior's Apprentice" - book talk suggestions/pointers?

Christopher Gwyn cdgwyn at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 20:19:35 BST 2007

On 8/28/07, Nancy L. Barber <nlbarber at mac.com> wrote:
> At 9:43 AM -0700 8/28/07, Christopher Gwyn wrote:
>>   In order to also qualify as a 'teen services librarian' I
>> need to "prepare a 5-minute book talk" (and presumably
>> present that talk).
> [snip]
> This page seems to agree with what I've heard from sis-in-law:
> http://www.uri.edu/artsci/lsc/Faculty/geaton/MSLMAtalk/

            Yes.  I've dug around on the ALA website and Google, based
on the pages I've found and my other presentation experience I'm sure
that I will be well-prepared 40 hours from now....

> Now the real librarians can let me know if I have it all wrong!

             Exactly.  With most human endeavors there are things that
do not appear in the documentation, and since I've not actually done a
'book talk' any additional ideas are particularly welcome (I was on
the 'Information Science' track in Library School, but working the
Reference and Government Documents desks at the CWU Library has made
it clear that helping people find what they want to find really really
suits me).  But, despite becoming increasingly nervous about both the
interview and this part of it, like I said above, I'll probably be
well-prepared and do just fine.  After all I'm very familiar with the
book and can do scintillating presentations on things that I know


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