[LMB] Dragon*Con?

Jo'Asia joasia at fandom.art.pl
Tue Aug 28 21:11:58 BST 2007

My comconsole brought me this letter from Marty L. Adkins:

MLA> [Unfortunately, it's
MLA> also in Adobe, so I can't copy & paste individual items I'm 
MLA> interested in.  It's also unsearchable, which is major pain in the 
MLA> tuchis.  I wish it were in a different format, like all the online 
MLA> WorldCon programs have been.  For example, it would've also been nice 
MLA> if they had listed the room location on the same page as the track 
MLA> programming.  DragonCon is many fun and wonderful things, but easy 
MLA> and convenient are none of them.]

Not that I love PDF (or going to America in a foreseeable future), but
I have just downloaded the guide, did a shearch for "babylon", marked
a passage, pressed ^C and here and now I'm pressing ^V:

  Babylon 5: Q & A
  Visit the station once again through the stories of these cast
  members, and fi nd out what they are up to these days. Stephen
  Austin, Julie Caitlin Brown, Claudia Christian. Fri 7:00 PM, Intn’l
  S. (H)

Looks like it's working all right...


PS. OK, I cheated and indented the pasted text by hand ;)

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