[LMB] OT: It's done {The Birthday Present}

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Wed Aug 29 21:43:07 BST 2007

At 04:46 AM 8/29/2007, Phil Boswell wrote:

>On 29/08/2007, Jean Lamb <tlambs1138 at charter.net> wrote:
> > http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2470334/85/
> > "The Birthday Present", a Severus Snape fic. Over two years 
> in the posting,
> > and almost a million words. And yes, there will be a sequel, 
> called WIDOW'S
> > WALK.
> > Just not for right now.
> > Come, go see!
>Does it take "recent events" into account?

No it doesn't.  Or at least not as far as being a differing view 
on the actions in canon in *Half-Blood Prince* and *Deathly 
Hallows*.  That doesn't mean some of the increasing information 
about characters didn't seep over from *Half-Blood Prince*, it's 
just it's not a major part of what Jean's doing with her writing 
on this story.

Jean's Alternate Universe in *The Birthday Present* splits from 
canon just after the death of Sirius Black at the end of *Order 
of the Phoenix*, and it's the death of Sirius Black that is the 
trigger event for a lot of the plots and counter-plots in the 
story.  Information from *Deathly Hallows* might seep into 
*Widow's Walk*, but what Jean's been posting isn't first draft 
like a great many fanfic writers post.  She's a professional 
writer who is posting second-or-later draft, multiply betad 
chapters that were essentially finished except for the last of 
the polishing on the final--I think--two chapters out of 
eighty-five total before *Deathly Hallows* was released.

Hope this helps,

Pat in North Carolina 

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