[LMB] The Birthday Tixie

Dawn Benton zaryushka at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 31 02:53:19 BST 2007


The Assistant assistant Birthday Tixie for the month of September apologizes 
for this intrusion into the still ongoing month of August.  However, she is 
leaving very early in the morning for DragonCon and will be without computer 
access until the DC experience has ended.  Hence our very first two 
birthdays for the month of September are being summarily fired off:

Ladies first (how sexist but chivalrous of me)

Suey or Queenortart
Suey has discreetly not provided a year, so I don't know which birthday she 
is celebrating.  Suey, I do know you are a gamer with an interest in tiaras. 
So here I am wishing you a very happy, tiara filled Birthday over in London, 
filled with food, friends, books and whatever other sundies delight your 

Now our second birthday baby

Again, Gordon Jackson has not shared a DOB with your friendly Birthday 
Tixie.  Gordon, we haven't heard from you too much recently on the List.  I 
hope you are still enjoying our company.  If I remember correctly, you 
reside in New Zealand.  So here is wishing you a birthday filled with the 
usual suspects, food, friends, books, and whatever else it takes to rock 
your world.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Assistant assistant Birthday Tixie

Apologizing for the lack of Tixie Dust but who unfortunately only possesses 
two lazy little kitties who will not help to swirl Tixie Dust around unlike 
the sterling faithful companions of the ADBT.  My kitties have told me it 
would cut too deeply into their necessary nap time. 

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