[LMB] The Birthday Tixie

queenortart queenortart at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 03:19:18 BST 2007

> Suey or Queenortart
> Suey has discreetly not provided a year, so I don't know which birthday she
> is celebrating.  Suey, I do know you are a gamer with an interest in tiaras.
> So here I am wishing you a very happy, tiara filled Birthday over in London,
> filled with food, friends, books and whatever other sundies delight your
> heart.

I'll admit to a number Douglas Adams would have approved of!

I'm actually in Lincolnshire IL right now, and going to a wedding on
my birthday. So at the very least I can be assured of lovely friends,
and cake! (I've been uploading lovely books to my Amazon wish list
with high hopes!)

Now must attempt to stay awake a bit longer. I got up at 0500 UK time
this morning, and if I could make 24 hours up that would make huge
inroads into my time readjustment!


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