[LMB] China (was Gender roles; was Predators vs. Protectors)

ROBIN NAKKULA nakkula.1 at osu.edu
Fri Aug 31 18:04:43 BST 2007

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> Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 20:44:57 +1000
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> Subject: Re: [LMB] Gender roles (was Predators vs. Protectors)

> On 03/06/2007, at 8:31 PM, Richard Macdonald wrote:
> > The primary reason for the male as protector of the individual
> > and society is totally biological as men are expendable to the
> > maintenance of a society, women are not. With the loss of a
> > portion of the male population does not prevent a future
> > replacement generation the way that a loss of a significant
> > portion of the female population does. Men cannot replace
> > themselves, only women can make the future generations.
> Which makes me wonder what the population of China is going 
>to be few generations time.........
> Jacki in Canberra - behind as usual, but still curious on this 
> subject 
> (does anyone have a theory?)

My theory is: very male, very unused to sharing (no siblings, so no 
sense of "brotherhood,")  and very desperate for American young 
women of Chinese ancestry.

All my Chinese graduate student coworkers (in the research 
sciences) who brought their spouses over to the U.S., then 
proceeded to have 2 or more children while here, (and so had a 
strong reason not to go back to China,) will find that their "extra" 
daughters will be in high demand in the homeland.  

This may apply equally well to any other nation importing Chinese 
graduate students.  Does it hold in the U.K.?

Robin N.

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