[LMB] request for factual help - the timeline

Blaise blaise_writer at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 31 18:05:01 BST 2007

I'm fairly sure Aral was made captain at 29 - can't find the reference, but 
I have a vague memory of him talking with Cordelia, and she says she made 
captain at 30 and he boasts that he was 29.  So that would be after his 
wife's death.  He refers to being a lieutenant at the same time as Ges, and 
implies that they were having a relationship then ('we were lieutenants 

He was 22 when his wife died, or at least that's what Miles calculates in 
ACC during the 'honour vs reputation' discussion.

I get the impression the Cetagandan invasion was quite a long time before 
Aral's birth.  Piotr wasn't much more than 20 when he was a general in the 
resistance, iirc.

Hope this helps. Do you need the details for something particular? I did a 
lot of thinking it through when I started trying to write some fanfics.


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