[LMB] request for factual help - the timeline

Blaise blaise_writer at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 31 22:07:02 BST 2007

Mary said:
<<Was he talking about the rank or the position of commanding a ship?  As I recall it, Aral and Cordelia were both discussing ship command, not rank.  They're not necessarily the same thing.  During WW II many Lieutenants and Lieutenants Jg. commanded ships and were called the "Captain.">>

That's a good point, and you're right, it is ship command rather than formal rank that they're discussing.  I found the reference, and in the scene Cordelia describes being 'promoted to captain', but actually in Shards she has the rank of Commander during her first meeting with Aral, and only later has the rank of Captain.  I'm not really that clear on how the rank of Commander fits in - in Shards Illyan is a Lieutenant, and at the start of Barrayar he's a Commander, and only when Aral promotes him to chief of ImpSec does he get the rank of Captain, but Miles and Ivan go straight from Lieutenant to Captain and apparently have no expectation of being given the rank of Commander in between.  

As for Aral, he says, 'I was a captain by twenty-eight.'  He certainly means ship command, since he adds that ship duty suited him, but he could also mean the rank as well. I'd guess he gets the rank as well as the command, since he becomes an admiral so young, but it's not clear either way. 


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