[LMB] NEWBIE - Reccing Baby Board Books

Elanor Gardner elanor.gardner at verizon.net
Thu Feb 1 03:12:30 GMT 2007

Hi!  I am a newbie to the list.  Have just finished "Shards of Honor",
"Barrayar", "Warrior's Apprentice", "Mountains of Mourning", and "The Vor
Game" -- perhaps I should say 'inhaled'.  I am in the middle of "Cetaganda"
right now and having a blast.  What fun to find an author who makes me laugh
until I snort (much to my relatives' consternation!) and can just as quickly
make me cry (oh dear, can she!)   I am delighted to know that Herself (waves
at LMB) has another Miles volume in the works (somewhere), whilst I still
have these five fat lovelies sitting on my bedside table to devour -- yum!!!

I am a grandmother and thus was encouraged to post about book because of my
grandson, who 'inhales' books as fast as his 'Nonna' (that's ME!) does.  His
favorite BOARD book -- when he was a bit younger -- was a gift from me --
"Papa Please Get the Moon for Me" by Eric Carle.  I think someday my lovely
little boy will surf the stars -- I hope so!  But for now, he loves this
story about Papa pulling down the moon for his little girl.

Enjoying the posts.  Thanks for the list, and the connection to LMB as well.
I am so glad to hear the story of Miles will go on....


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