[LMB] Where's My Cow? OT:

Michael Bernardi mike at dendarii.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 21:46:35 GMT 2007

"Jean Lamb" said on list:
> _Where's My Cow?_. Oops. Not printed in this universe, yet. That I know of.
> Personally, I'd like to see Sam Vimes' version in print as well. Including
> Old Foul Ron.

Then "PAT MATHEWS" replied:
> "Where's my cow" has indeed been printed in this universe. I saw it down at
> Barnes & Noble and was very, very tempted to get it for my grandsons. They
> may, at 2 1/2, be a lottle old for it.
I bought this for myself (I'm a bit of a TP fan ;)). In the story it is
told to Sam Vimes Jr. who is only one, but then Sam Vimes Sr. re-wites
the story a bit and makes it suitable for a slightly older audience.
"The book is not an object on the table, it is an event in the reader's
mind. It's a process, through which an idea in my mind triggers an idea,
more-or-less corresponding, in yours. The words on paper are merely the
means to this end, a think-by-numbers set, a bottled daydream. The book,
therefore, is only finished when somebody reads it."
		-- Lois McMaster Bujold (The Unsung Collaborator)

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