[LMB] (chat) The Czech was in the mail...

Jo'Asia joasia at fandom.art.pl
Sat Feb 3 14:41:00 GMT 2007

My comconsole brought me this letter from Lois McMaster Bujold:

LMB>     Publisher's website at www.krakatit.cz/talpress  according to the
LMB> back cover.  Frustratingly, the site does not appear to have a search 
LMB> function, nor are books or authors listed in any discernible order.   A
LMB> couple of my other titles have cover scans, but I can't find  an entry
LMB> for this one.

Yep, there is no link to it *now*, but there have been one, which I
have found and posted some time ago. Luckily google had been able to
find my email in the archives, so I took the URLs from it and began
poking around.

This time I have found even more Czech covers, so here they are (some
from the publisher's site, some from a Czech bookstore)

Five Gods Universe

  The Curse of Chalion:

  Paladin of Souls:

  The Hallowed Hunt:

Vorkosigan series

  Falling Free
  (This one had been published some time ago, so only a small cover
   scan can be found)

  The Warrior's Apprentice

  The Vor Game


  Borders of Infinity

  Brothers in Arms

  Mirror Dance



  A Civil Campaign

>From what I have been able to find the rest of the series have not
been published there.

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