Thanks everyone!Re: [LMB] OT: Anmar has indeed had a cow

anmar mirza anmar.mirza at
Tue Feb 6 18:22:02 GMT 2007

On 2/6/07, Mark Allums <mark at> wrote:

> anmar mirza wrote:
> > On a different note, I just came home after a weekend at the National
> > Cave Rescue Commission Board meeting and found my house has
> > burned to the ground.  A total loss :(  Over 10000 books
> > and my kitty gone.  Since I have no insurance it's start over
> bootstrapping
> > time.  At least my partners are ok and I still have the shop.

I really appreciate the offers of books and the like, rebuilding the
library is going to be a real bear.  I also appreciate the good thoughts.
I'll let folks here know when I am ready to receive, at the least
I'd like to have at least a set of Bujold, obviously.

Thus far we're doing ok, we were sorting through the rubble this
morning and haven't yet located the keys to the bikes or the car which
is really the biggest thing I hope the salvage.  The fire safe wasn't, which
means that all of my important documents will need to be replaced.

We're locating a site to put a small house on, we have three near the
shop that are looking good.  As soon as I can find or replace the tractor
keys I'll start clearing the ground and digging footers.  With luck I can
concrete poured this weekend or early next week and start framing.
We're planning about 400 sq feet to tide us over until the house on the
is finished in a couple of years.


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