[LMB] *Cold*

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Wed Feb 7 00:04:32 GMT 2007

After two months spent in freezing temperatures, with 3-quilt 2-cat nights, 
we are running almost 60 degrees F in the daytime. Wool blazer weather. 

If you don't like the weather in Albuquerque, wait a minute?


"Atreides set forth his cunning, foolproof plan ... attack at once, full 
force -- " The Iliad, "The Armies Gather."

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>Kathleen Morrison asked:
> >   It's *frigid* here in NYC and the latest news has Minnesota getting
> > temps of 40 below zero.  You guys in the Midwest OK?
>Well, it hasn't been *too* bad in the Lower Midwest (St. Louis area). We
>haven't gotten above freezing for several days now and probably won't until
>Friday or so, but yesterday was the only really bad day. (And that's bad by
>local standards - not a patch on Chicago, let alone the Twin Cities.)
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