[LMB] Pictures to back up the idea of Jack Black as Miles

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Fri Feb 9 17:16:15 GMT 2007

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At 12:58 PM 2/8/2007, Jill Tallman wrote:
>it went out as html text.... as is this the evil mutant space alien 
>invaders from yahoo mail must have gotten it. Jill ps- please note 
>there is a hard return between every line of text... not my fault, 
>nor do I care, particularly ----- Original Message ---- From: Peter 
>H. Granzeau <pgranzeau at cox.net> DARN, but the below is just pure 
>butt UGLY. Is there any way to fix whatever you use to read and 
>write e-mail so it doesn't just bunch up all of the text into one 
>humonguous blob? At 09:10 PM 2/7/2007, Jill Tallman wrote: >oh yes, 
>that's Ges. Jill ----- Original Message ---- From: Marilyn >Traber 
><mtraber251 at earthlink.net> CatMtn at aol.com wrote: > > M: >  > >I'm 
>wondering--those pictures look a lot like my idea 
>of >Ges.  Big  brown > eyes and all. >  > Mary >   I can't see him 
>as >Miles, Mark or Ges. Oddly enough I see Ges as Uwe Ochsenknecht. 
>I >think this picture catches my 
>meaning: >http://imdb.com/gallery/hh/0643805/HH/0643805/Ochsenknecht. 
>jpg.html?path=pgallery&path_key=Ochsenknecht,%20Uwe >Uwe was one of 
>that blond type that doesnt age well, here he is when >he was 
>Stilgar in Dune: http://www.sf-fan.de/sf-film/dune/dune7.jpg >Now 
>imagine  him nude, laughing and happy, how Aral might 
>have >preferred to remember him. 7 years and *what* a difference! In 
>the >IMDB picture, he looks rather dissipated, as a life of drugs 
>and >dissipation would have changed Ges from a relaxed smiling 
>and >laughing young officer, to a hardened and cruel staff officer. 
>I >seem to vaguely remember that the whole incident happens when 
>they >are in their 40s, and Uwe is right now just 50. I am sure that 
>there >are blond Barrayarans, and Ges  could be one of them. 
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