[LMB] Pictures to back up the idea of Jack Black as Miles

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Actually a lot of email programs default to sending in html. Others send in both plain text and html. 

Most of us have more important thing to worry about than what our email sends in, like work, family or most important of all; Lois's writing.
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You're not SPOSED to put HTML into e-mail, you know.  E-mail is an 
ASCII-only service.

At 12:58 PM 2/8/2007, Jill Tallman wrote:
>it went out as html text.... as is this the evil mutant space alien 
>invaders from yahoo mail must have gotten it. Jill ps- please note 
>there is a hard return between every line of text... not my fault, 
>nor do I care, particularly ----- Original Message ---- From: Peter 
>H. Granzeau <pgranzeau at cox.net> DARN, but the below is just pure 
>butt UGLY. Is there any way to fix whatever you use to read and 
>write e-mail so it doesn't just bunch up all of the text into one 
>humonguous blob? At 09:10 PM 2/7/2007, Jill Tallman wrote: >oh yes, 
>that's Ges. Jill ----- Original Message ---- From: Marilyn >Traber 
><mtraber251 at earthlink.net> CatMtn at aol.com wrote: > > M: >  > >I'm 
>wondering--those pictures look a lot like my idea 
>of >Ges.  Big  brown > eyes and all. >  > Mary >   I can't see him 
>as >Miles, Mark or Ges. Oddly enough I see Ges as Uwe Ochsenknecht. 
>I >think this picture catches my 
>meaning: >http://imdb.com/gallery/hh/0643805/HH/0643805/Ochsenknecht. 
>jpg.html?path=pgallery&path_key=Ochsenknecht,%20Uwe >Uwe was one of 
>that blond type that doesnt age well, here he is when >he was 
>Stilgar in Dune: http://www.sf-fan.de/sf-film/dune/dune7.jpg >Now 
>imagine  him nude, laughing and happy, how Aral might 
>have >preferred to remember him. 7 years and *what* a difference! In 
>the >IMDB picture, he looks rather dissipated, as a life of drugs 
>and >dissipation would have changed Ges from a relaxed smiling 
>and >laughing young officer, to a hardened and cruel staff officer. 
>I >seem to vaguely remember that the whole incident happens when 
>they >are in their 40s, and Uwe is right now just 50. I am sure that 
>there >are blond Barrayarans, and Ges  could be one of them. 
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