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On Sat, 10 Feb 2007 05:13:26 -0500, "Royce Day" <sirtalen at gmail.com>

 > (Royce delurks)

 > So at the moment I'm in the middle of writing a little crossover
 > fic between the Vorkosiverse and Terinu (www.terinu.net) an
 > Australian sci-fi webcomic written and drawn by Peta Hewitt.
 > Peta has been enjoying the story so much that she penned a
 > little sketch of Mark looking at her character Terinu, as
 > our favorite clone assassin see his first alien.  As she notes:
 > "I somehow picture Mark as having grown long hair and wearing
 > the latest Betan fashions to differentiate himself as much as
 > possible from his brother."

 > Enjoy.

Oh, I am enjoying! That's lovely. I quite like Terinu, and putting Mark 
into the situation is going to be entertainingly explosive.

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