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Jill Tallman lettuce_in_fl at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 11 11:54:07 GMT 2007

one last comment before we dig into the pizza (I also brought gluten-free crust).

you are correct: I certainly didn't intend the mail to look ugly, and the message could have been phrased differently; I was hurt. My first instinct is to hurt back; fortunately I rewrote the e-mail several times before replying. My next, to quit the list, even though I find it stimulating. I work from home, so most of my (non-DH) human interaction is through my lists, and I have gained several very good friends from them. I have found several people on this list to be thoughtful, caring, and a good source for new books, movies and tv shows and alternate fiction.

However, I am tougher than that, and I will continue to de-lurk and post on occasion. I hope the mails are coming through cleaner now (somebody please tell me! they always look fine to me).

Thank you for your support.


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From: Lois Aleta Fundis <lfundis at weir.net>

snipped interesting info re mail tribulations

All of that is why I was, and am, very offended by Peter calling Jill's 
e-mail "butt UGLY", caps and all.  That was disgusting, gross, nasty and 
utterly uncalled for!  (Much ruder even than he had been to me.)  The 
very term "butt UGLY" is filthy, even borderline obscene, and ought not 
to be used in polite company at all.   He could simply have pointed out 
that there was a problem with the lack of spacing and suggested Jill 
look into fixing it, or if anyone on the list could help suggest a 
solution.  She certainly didn't intend it to look that way.

I don't want Jill to think that our list is full of angry insensitive 
people who will jump on her for the least mistake, especially ones she's 
not actually responsible for.   Most of all,  I think it's unhealthy for 
the list when someone characterizes another person's e-mails with such 
offensive language as "butt UGLY," and not even for anything she 
actually said but simply for a formatting error that was out of her 
control.  Anyone who is that rude should be called on it. The real 
ugliness was not in her e-mail but in the attitude in his response. No 
strange character that ever appeared in any of my e-mails even 
*remotely* came close to that comment in its ugliness.

I don't really want Peter to quit the list either, but I'm not sure he 
realizes how offensive his attitude is, or even that it comes across 
that way. And if he insists on being nasty and insulting when, for 
reasons beyond their control, the formatting of other people's posts 
offends his obviously delicate sensibilities -- and such problems 
probably will crop up again, the world being imperfect -- instead of 
coping with it in more civilized ways  like the rest of us do,  it may 
be the best thing for all concerned.

Lois Fundis    lfundis at weir.net or lfundis at verizon.net

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