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I don't kniq where you get the interesting idea that yahoo is for casual net users. Its hot better spam blocking than most providers. It started life a almovy certainly still makes most of its money as a web portal.  I'm not using my yahoo address for this list for the sole reason that I read it from my blackberry. But the yahoo account is still the one I use most and that more people who contact me frequently have and use than all my other addresses combined. 

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On Sat, 10 Feb 2007, Peter H. Granzeau wrote:

> At 04:54 AM 2/10/2007, Lois Aleta Fundis wrote:
> >Peter, lay off already!
> >
> >Who died and made you king of the Internet anyway?
> I stopped reading here.
> This list doesn't allow for all the great things that everyone else
> but me seems to have.  And my newsreader doesn't, either.

I also read my email on Pine, which does not handle HTML email

I do not think I am the only one.

HTML email takes up much more space on your hard drive if
downloaded, takes forever to load on dialup, which a lot of
people on this list DO still have, &c.

I have been b*tched at on this list for a six-line sig file
because that might just might possibly make the list take longer
to download or read for some person in another country where
internet use is charged by the minute.

I *GUARANTEE* HTML email adds far more to these people's
reading/download time than six lines of plaintext at the end of a

HTML email is the default for yahoo because yahoo is an ISP that
is aimed at people who use the internet very casually and want
lots of bells and whistles and colour in their email.  Yahoo
email has almost as many obnoxious habits as AOL email.  If Yahoo
users think you're being picked on, try complaining to your ISP
for forcing this on you, instead of to the people who actually
are being inconvenienced by the HTML.


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