[LMB] Listbiz: 'king of the internet'

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Sun Feb 11 14:40:20 GMT 2007

I've been busy enough to skip most of the "King of the Internet" postings 
but would like to call to everyone's mind something from the Age of the 

Back when women all wore slips under their dresses, occasionally the hemline 
of the slip could be seen below the hemline of the skirt. Everyone knew the 
proper way to deal with that was to attract the attention of the offender 
discreetly and say "Excuse me, but I think your slip is showing."

It was NOT, repeat NOT, "Hey ! Slut! Whadda ya mean going around showing 
everyone all yer underwear like that!"

Let those who have ears to hear and a good historical imagination and for 
whm the shoe fits take note.

Sincerely yours, Grandma Manners.


"Atreides set forth his cunning, foolproof plan ... attack at once, full 
force -- " The Iliad, "The Armies Gather."

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