[LMB] Reality Check/Survey Question (was Re: HTML and e-mail)

Agnes Charrel-Berthillier agnes at charrel.net
Mon Feb 12 07:02:24 GMT 2007

marna at marna.ca wrote:
>> On 2/11/07, Scott Raun <sraun at fireopal.org> wrote:
>>> Is this still the case?  Is anyone still reading the list who has to
>>> pay for their connectivity on a per-minute basis?
> I do when I am travelling, sometimes.

Ditto. I like to spend as little time as possible retrieving a week 
worth of traffic when doing a quick download on borrowed time and 

Also, while I don't use it for list traffic right now because my 
employer pays for it I use a Blackberry to read email. Connectivity can 
be expensive and regardless of cost will be *really* slow. If I ever get 
a personal device for email this would matter to me.

Lastly... all the rules about bandwidth (quote trimming...) also helps 
each of the list message to be (usually) well formatted and to the 
point, which helps with lisibility and time spent reading. Right now my 
*own* personal time is the most expensive commodity around.


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