[LMB] Re: Martya and Enrique

Marilyn Traber mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 13 23:45:17 GMT 2007

anmar mirza wrote:
> Since the house burned down last week, L said to me "I
> don't know anyone else who would already have a new place
> to live well on the way to being built."
> Of course, I pick *my* partners on their competence and their
> intelligence :)

But ability and intelligence [over all competence?] and common sense 
should be [along with personality] what you look for in a partner, not 
looks. Looks can play a small part but I have generally picked my 
partners on competence and personality. I had 2 disasterous 
relationships where I let lust overwhelm my inner mind telling me to 
stay the heck away from them.

But then again, like many of the women on this list, I am very atypical. 
I would be willing to live in essentially a single car garage sized 
cabin for a year or two until the permanent house was ready, as long as 
it was warm, dry, and had high speed internet, and at least a minimal 
kitchen of a 9 cu ft refrigerator, an apartment sized stove, a small 
microwave and a sink. Of course I have the advantage of liking to read 
on a computer or PDA screen, and have webscriptions. And with my spiffy 
new laptop, it doesnt take up much room=)

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