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> This case will keep divisions of lawyers busy for dozens of years --
> Bleak House with paparazzi.  I only wish I had a piece of it.
> Mitch Miller
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> Taking this OT:
> Oddly enough, the theme of my office newsletter this quarter is estate 
> planning.  I wrote a description of the past and expected future legal 
> problems the newly deceased ditz's estate is likely to encounter under the 
> "Why?" heading.
> Dan, ad nauseam
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In the case of the fight over custody of Aristotle Onassis' heir, at least 
there wasn't also a paternity fight....

That in turn just caused me to think of on-topic matter--in the case of 
Shards of Honor, the paternity being Barrayaran got the unwanted fetuses 
canted and sent to Barrayar... hmm, not exactly as "son of a gun" there.

 But one of the current issues is that lawyer trying to stop paternity 
testing.  In the case of Shards, the paternity testing got done by women 
who'd been raped and didn't want to be pregnant by rapists.  Hmm, that makes 
me wonder, were there pregnancies from raping Barrayarans  in which the 
women decided to go through with the pregnancies, and will any of the 
results ever go seeking their paternal relatives? .... [I hereby state that 
I have no claim to proprietorship over that idea, if there is any merit 
it/if Lois wants to use it, it's hers and I have no financial stake with 
regards to it whatsoever] 

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