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> Aren't we primarily seeing Enrique through Miles' (clearly jaundiced and
> jealous) viewpoint in ACC? I suspect he might look far better to others:

Miles' aspirations in life were all Vor class male fantasies--living up to 
Grandfather's approbation and Father's, fulfilling the social ideals of Vor 
class for being  military officer and doing Heir duties as Lord 
in-Miles-case-Vorkosigan, someday hopefully in the far far distant future to 
become Count Vorkosigan, dreams of being the Emperor's loyal military 
leader, etc.  He never had an interesting in  being a scientist, and the Vor 
class don;'t much pay much attention to them, other that funding to some 
degree to support Barrayaran goals for economics and trade and military 
science and and healthcare and such.  Miles however doesn't have a personal 
interest in doing science  himself.  In Warrior's Apprentice he showed that 
he had learned some things such as how to avoid getting gassed and such, but 
unlike his foster-son and his mother, he's not interested in science and 
exploration for their own merits.

> good-looking, smart, capable of admiring and appreciating competent/smart
> women. Admittedly needing a manager, but there are many talented people
> like that.

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