[LMB] thoughts upon rereading TSK:B, pt 3

Elizabeth McCoy arcangel at io.com
Mon Feb 19 04:46:40 GMT 2007

At 7:46 PM -0800 2/18/07, Becca Price wrote:

>there are lots of other writers out there who write about
>non-steriotypically-romance-heros. Like in SF, you just have to
>know who the good authors are.

...Odd. My first thought was, "Yes, but when it's SF, I can _tell_ 
(usually) if an author is good." Then I squinted at that -- on far too
little sleep, mind -- and am trying to think of how to verbalize the
realization (?) that accompanied it.

Something about being familiar with the tropes -- both bad and good -- of
a genre, and thus knowing when they're being well-used, ill-used, or
turned on their heads and spun around very fast.

I hope someone with more brains than I currently have will translate this
into the world-shattering epiphany that it wants to grow up to become.
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