[LMB] Function of work in the Vorkiverse

Rachel Ganz rachel at compromise.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 09:55:44 GMT 2007

I've jus been made redundant - sorry, my post has just been made redundant - and I am currently rushing around in full terrified hamster-wheel mode. While doing this, I was considering the importance of being needed and having a role. Can people think of examples of those without roles in the VOrkiverse - or Chalion?

I suppose there's Baz and Arle - both rescued by Miles. In fact, is that Miles' great gift, that he provides roles for peole who are without them? He is the answer to that perennial cry "I don't know what to do-ooo".

I know that lack of momentum doesn't make a great plot. Who has to deal with it? I can only think of Iselle. Any other offers?


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