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Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 17:53:24 GMT 2007

Rachel wrote:
> I've jus been made redundant - sorry, my post has just been made redundant

Oh, I'm sorry, Rachel.

> Can people think of examples of those without roles in the VOrkiverse - or Chalion?
> I suppose there's Baz and Arle - both rescued by Miles. In fact, is that Miles' great gift, that he provides roles for peole who are without them? He is the answer to that perennial cry "I don't know what to do-ooo".
> I know that lack of momentum doesn't make a great plot. Who has to deal with it? I can only think of Iselle. Any other offers?

Oh, I think this is actually a theme Bujold touches on often.

Think in Shards of Honor - Aral pondering on if he left it all to go
to Beta Colony to be with Cordelia, what would he DO?  Could he find a
place as a judo teacher, perhaps?  And then later, after Cordelia has
come to Barrayar, her figuring out what her place is to be with him -
what does "Lady Vorkosigan" mean, what can she do with herself, beyond
wearing what Alys advises and "gestating assiduously"?

It's one of the things I like about Bujold's romances - the awareness
that true love doesn't necessarily overcome all, and who you are as
people needs to be considered.

Think of Dag and Fawn - as they come together across different
cultures, they have to picture and wonder what place each of them
could have in the other's culture.  It's not something they have a
clear place for themselves in.

I think lack of momentum is something Bujold does write about.  Look
at Miles in Memory - having spectacularly crashed and burned his
career.  This is a man who's lost his momentum.  Those painful scenes
with him at Vorkosigan house, in the wing-backed chair.  Eventually
you have to get up and find a way to reinvent your world.  It's hard.
But I hope Bujold can be an inspiration to you as you have to struggle
with it in your own life.

Good thoughts to you. (And, y'know.  Don't make us come over and set
up the ice maker. :-P)

Laura Gallagher

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